Small, compact boot washer made of stainless steel with a built-in water spray system, perfect fo...More
Discover this rendering plant that is as new and has never been used. Complete with a batch cooke...More
Used Compact poultry line, conveyor, 180 bph
Compact block, one round trip, galvanized frame after fabrication, 304 stainless steel sheet meta...More
Hooks for airchilling (NEW)
New hooks for air-chilling. For sale, NEW available in all sorts of quantities Also trolleys an...More
Used 2023 TransNational Agri Projects BV Poultry Cone Line (New)
The cone line is specifically designed to cut whole poultry products. It facilitates the operator...More
TransNational Agri Projects BV Meat processing unit, 500kg/day
Give your meat added value! Start making meat products. We can supply you the following set of e...More
Used Poultry line 2.500 BPH
We supply the complete line, consisting of only European high-quality equipment like Linco, S...More
Hock cutter
Brand new automatic Hock cutter to be integrated inline with overhead conveyor. While the bird i...More
Poultry Plucker, Batch Type, 500 Birds Per Hour (NEW)
The plucker is a tub-style mechanical poultry plucker with stainless steel barrel-lined rubber fi...More
2022 TransNational Agri Projects BV Evisceration structure, 5 birds
The evisceration structure can be used for hanging the chickens after plucking and easy eviscerat...More
Safety Apron
Ensure safe poultry cutting with our protective cutting apron! No need to fret if your cut veers ...More