Cattle Slaughter Lines

Used Complete cattle abattoir, 10-15 heads per hr (USED)
Condition: Will be sold as is. It is still hanging and it can be inspected. We are able to dism...More
Used Cattle Slaughter Line (USED)
Consisting of : Killing box Bleeding elevator Bleeding conveyor Platform for horn and hoof cuttin...More
Used Complete cattle and lamb abattoir (USED)
This cattle slaughter/ processing line is good for 30 cows per hour (hph) Including: · Lairage (...More
New Cattle Slaughter Line
Max 10 heads per hour . Can be visited in the Netherlands. ( Can also be used for small ruminants)More
Refurbished Cattle Slaughter Line 50 hpd (REFURBISHED)
Consist of : - Killing box - Bleeding elevator - Bleeding conveyor - Platform for horn and hoof ...More

Killing Boxes

Used Ritual Killing Box Banss (USED)
Ritual Killing box Dimensions box: 2400 mm x 1050 mm x 2120 mm, including tube rail and pallet wi...More
Used Ritual Killing box Facomia
Ritual Killing Box Facomia for Slaughter Lines! The cow will go in the box. When the cow is in t...More

Saws & Other Cattle Equipment

Cattle Stunning Pistol (NEW)
This cattle stunning pistol Has been specifically designed to improve safety in use. Weight: 2,75 kg | Lengt...More
Used Splitting Saw Kentmaster BM5 SD
A high speed, powerful, and versatile beef and hog splitting saw especially designed for use by p...More
Used Splitting Saw Freund SB50-08
Splitter-Band-Saw for cattle and sows in industrial plants. Weight: 74,0 kg | Saw Blade Length: 3248 mmMore
Used Splitting Saw Jarvis Buster V (USED)
Globally used splitting saw, outstanding quality and easy to clean Drive: Electric | Motor Power: 3.3 hp / 2...More
Used Stunning Tongue (Simple) (USED)
Simple stunning tongue that can be used for red meatMore
Used Horn Cutter Kentmaster HCC-2 (USED)
This efficient, powerfull dehorner is able to cut horns fast without leaving nubbs. Capacity: 450 beef per h...More
Used Cutter Jarvis (USED)
This cutter can be used for various things; hock and neck cutter for poultry, but also for beef t...More
Used Breastbone Saw Kentmaster 153 (USED)
• Most powerful, high production beef brisket saw available with cleaveraction cutting motion. •...More
Used Electrical Stunning Device (Large) (USED)
Large stunning tongue that can be used for red meat Drive: Electric | Power: 220 V | Type: Sheep & PigMore
Used Hock and Horn Cutter Kentmaster Hydraulic HCC-III (USED)
- A powerful and fast scissor type hock cutter for high production plants. - Large 5 inch opening...More
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