Compact poultry line, conveyor, 180 bph

Compact poultry line, conveyor, 180 bph

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Compact block, one round trip, galvanized frame after fabrication, 304 stainless steel sheet metal, including:

·         Conveyor with chain with hooks

·         Manual stunning. Box with multi-position adjustment and Voltage display.

·         Bleeding chute with chute for collecting blood.

·         Scalding tank with propeller agitation with 1,1kW double turbine motor, electric heating 12kW by immersion heater, temperature adjustment by temperature regulator, constant water level.

·         Conveyor extension for automatic plucker adaptation

·         Automatic plucker, PAP5 model, all stainless steel sheet metal, hot-dip galvanized frame, aluminum drum pulleys, long rubber fingers. Driven by rubber pinion, two motors of 1,8kW each.

·         Extension, length for evisceration section

·         Modular polyester control cabinet, for start-up of the whole

·         Evisceration chute, stainless steel

·         Supporting structure for the line, galvanized


ManufacturerTransNational Agri Projects BV
ModelCompact poultry line, conveyor, 180 bph