About Us

Transnational Agri Projects B.V. sells high-quality used slaughtering and processing equipment for the poultry, pig, cattle, and sheep industry. Worldwide shipping! 

The used slaughtering equipment ranges from complete slaughter processing linesrendering plantswastewater treatment units, or by-product processing equipment. Furthermore, we can deliver separate equipment like scaldings tanks, pluckersevisceration- and cut-up lines (poultry), ritual killing boxesHock and horn cutter (cattle), hygienic equipment, and even small equipment such as knives and clothing.

All slaughtering equipment is originally from world-known European manufacturers like Meyn, Linco, Haarslev, Krupp, Nijhuis,

La Parmentière, Marel and so many more. 

Transnational Agri Projects B.V. believes that with our high-quality processing equipment, our services, and know-how, we can make a major contribution to the success and fast development of your business. Working together with “One of the biggest supplier of used slaughtering equipment “ will benefit you:

  • High quality and solid used slaughterhouse equipment for low investment cost
  • Working with a company with a lot of knowledge in slaughtering, rendering, further meat processing, and wastewater treatment.
  • Offering turn-key processing projects according to your wishes. With TransNationals wide range of partners, turnkey projects complete with used cooling, paneling, and further meat processing can be provided. 
  • Easy access to spare parts because we are selling West-European brands

For more information on finished projects, contact us!

Tel. + 31 651 287 634 (Kristof Deprez)

Some mentionable projects will be displayed on our website soon!