Refurbished Plucker, SB Impianti, contromatic, SCT 3-350
This counterrotating plucker by SB Impianti is a perfect solution for plucking birds such as chic...More
Refurbished Dry plucker, Bayle
Perfect for dry plucking birds like pheasants, quails, duck or chicken. Motor drives the rotatin...More
Rotative Plucker Poultry 1.000 Birds Per Hour (150 Turkeys Per Hour) (NEW)
The drum picker is made of stainless, acid-resistant materials. Appropriate drum size, number of ...More
Rotative Plucker Poultry 700 Birds Per Hour (NEW)
The plucker is a tub style mechanical poultry plucker with a stainless steel barrel which is line...More
Refurbished Plucker, Linco, two (2) OR three (3) rows (REFURBISHED)
This Linco poultry plucker is fully refurbished. Refurbished and checked in our warehouse by our ...More
Refurbished Linco Pluckers Three (3) row (USED)
Linco pluckers for sale All will be refurbished and checked in our warehouse by our technicians. ...More
Refurbished Contra-Rotating Plucker (REFURBISHED)
The Contra-Rotating Plucker is used to remove feathers from poultry. Pluckers are able to accurat...More
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