Hock cutter
Brand new automatic Hock cutter. Contact us by interest. Mail: Info@transnationalagri.nlMore
Refurbished - Rotary screen, 200m³ per hour
Large rotary screen with a capacity of 200m³ per hour. Pictures are taken before refurbishments ...More
Used Moba  Moba
Very easy, effective, hygienic and fast way to sort your chickens. Grading the whole chicken. M...More
Used La Parmentiere & MCM by-product handling machinery
Various by-product handling machines by La Parmentiere & MCM. 1. Intestines contents cleaner, La...More
Refurbished Balancers for saws
A balancer helps when lifting heavy saws such as a splitting saw [Jarvis Buster VI](https://www.t...More
Refurbished EFA SB 292 E
Splitting saw, EFA, SB 292 E (Refurbished) High-performance band saw for cattle, horses, hogs an...More
Poultry Plucker, Batch Type, 500 Birds Per Hour (NEW)
The plucker is a tub-style mechanical poultry plucker with stainless steel barrel-lined rubber fi...More
Chicken nugget line, 200 mm
Complete 200mm line “Bulldog” for nuggets consisting of: • Forming machine with counter • Batt...More
Used Tools, spare parts & more!
Tools kits, power tools, fork lift, spare parts, consumables and so much more! All previously us...More
Refurbished EFA Cutter Z 079, hydraulic
EFA Z 079 Hydraulic hock cutter for hogs Used to cut hocks and feet for sheep & pig. Easy and ...More
Refurbished EFA hydraulic cutter
Hydraulic hock cutter by the famous brand EFA. Used to cut hocks and feet for sheep & pig. Easy...More
Refurbished 2011 Gizzard peeling table
The gizzard cleaner is designed for peeling the horny skin off internal gizzard walls. Design an...More
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