Euro Bin (trolley NEW)
Very useful Euro bins for your slaughterhouse. Dimensions: 76 x 74 x 70cm (L x W x H).More
Refurbished Jarvis MG-1E Electric Brisket saw
The Jarvis Model MG-1E is an electrically powered brisket saw for cattle / beef. With this power...More
NEW Paunch Cleaner
This Paunch cleaner can gentle clean the rumen, pig, calf and sheep stomachs. This is perfect for...More
Cattle prod
A pig prod is an electric handheld device to control pig or other livestock by poking them.More
Cattle Stunning Pistol
This cattle stunner is perfect to stun cattle and other larger livestock such as horses, pig, goa...More
Gizzard harvester system, NEW
This is a complete Gizzard harvester system. The system is from the brand Meyn and all equipment ...More
Stunning device with stunning tongue
Perfect for stunning pig and other animals before slaughter. - Electrodes optionally made of cop...More
Used Conveyor belt, motorized
With a Conveyor belt, you can move the processed meat easily to another place. With any manpower ...More
Used Daf unit, 30m3 per hour (USED)
A DAF unit is a component used in many wastewater systems. DAFs help to remove fats, oils, grease...More
Used Neck cutter
The Neck cutter is offered with one circular blade to automatically cut veins and arteries on one...More
Refurbished Cratewasher Hobart FUX-C 2010 (2 speed motor)
This modern Cratewasher from Hobart is your ideal solution for live bird crates and other contain...More
Plucking fingers
Pluckerfingers for sale. Sold only in boxes of 500 pieces!More
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