Poultry Slaughter Line 500 bph
We supply the complete line, consisting of only European high-quality equipment like Linco, Stork...More
Starter Poultry Processing Line 120-150 bph
This poultry starter unit is perfect for the beginning of chicken slaughter. Including: - Bleedi...More
Paunch Cleaner La Parmentiere 680P
By-product cleaning equipment - Cattle 16 Kg paunches: 85 / hour 12 Kg paunches: 110 / hour 8 Kg...More
Cattle Slaughter Line 50 hpd
Consisting of : - Killing box - Bleeding elevator - Bleeding conveyor - Platform for horn and ho...More
Mixed poultry rendering plant 4MT per shift (Different Capacities Available)
We can supply different capacities, according to your request. Pictures are from finished projec...More
Batch Cooker WCTS 10.000L
Rendering equipment! Capacity: 6 MT | Inner Shell: 30 MMMore
Complete Poultry Abattoir 6.000 Bph
Consisting of: - Completely refurbished Slaughter line, Linco, 6.000 bph - live bird reception sy...More
Feet dehairing La Parmentiere 650P
By-product cleaning equipment Capacity per hour: – 100 Cattle feet or 25 calf heads – 250 Pig fee...More
Rendering Plant 7MT per shift
Including: One Haarslev crusher One WCTS Batchcooker One Sprout-Matador hammermill Capacity: 7MT per shiftMore
Table Mounted Deboning Unit 900 Thighs Per Hour
It is made mostly from stainless, acid-resistant materials, aluminium and food-approved plastic. ...More
Poultry Slaughter Line 3.000 bph
List of equipment: - Complete overhead conveyor,L± 120 m - Stunning bath with control box - Scald...More
Stunning Tongue (Large)
Large stunning tongue that can be used for red meatMore