Used Stork Poultry Pluckers
We have the following Stork Pluckers for sale: Plucker 1, Stork D16 Plucker 2, Stork D16 Pluck...More
Used Refurbished Spin Chillers
We have a beautiful spin chiller in stock. Spin chiller, L4,5 m, dia 1,3m w/ blower Contact us ...More
Used Breast cap deboning equipment, Foodmate: Maxima
Breast cap deboning equipment Foodmate Maxima for sale! The semi-automatic breast cap deboning m...More
Refurbished Pig Scalding Dehairing Unit - Refurbished
This Pig scalding dehairing unit is completely refurbished and in perfect working condition. Upg...More
Used Mainca Bowl Cutter
The Mainca Cutter model CM-41 is a commercial meat cutter produced by the company Mainca. This me...More
Used EFA Splitting saw, EFA, SB 287E
Condition: as new Splitting saw EFA SB 287 E (42 V) band saw for cutting cattle and pigs in half...More
Used 9 Meter, Spinchiller, Like NEW
For Sale: Gently Used, Almost New Spin Chiller! This Spin Chiller is 9 meters long with a diamet...More
Used Rotary screen
Rotary screen: 1200MMX2100mmX1900mmMore
Used Jarvis Dehiding machines
we have 5 jarvis dehiding saw's for sale.More
Used Freund Carcass saw's
we have 2 Freund Carcass Saw's for sale!More
This Jarvis buster 9 will come completely refurbished.More