Used Refurbished Spin Chillers
We have three beautiful spin chillers in stock. 1. Spin chiller, L 4m, dia 1,3m 2. Spin chiller...More
Used Poultry Pluckers
We have the following Stork Pluckers for sale: Plucker 1, Stork D16 Plucker 2, Stork D16 Pluck...More
Refurbished Pig Scalding Dehairing Unit - Refurbished
This Pig scalding dehairing unit is completely refurbished and in perfect working condition. Upg...More
Used Breast cap deboning equipment, Foodmate, Maxima and 7.50
Breast cap deboning equipment from the brand: Foodmate for sale. - Maxima - 7.50 The semi autom...More
Used Paunches Cleaner - La Parmentiere 670p
This Paunches cleaner is in a perfect working condition. Type: 670p Ready for transport! We al...More
Used EFA Splitting saw, EFA, SB 287E
Condition: as new Splitting saw EFA SB 287 E (42 V) band saw for cutting cattle and pigs in half...More
Used Meat Separator, Lima
This meat bone separator from the French brand Lima is of very high quality and is in perfect wor...More
Used Grading unit, Marel, eight (8) stations
Marel grading unit - 8 stations If you're in the market for a high-quality grading unit for your...More
Used Complete Poultry Slaughterline, 11.000 BPH - perfect working condition
Fantastic opportunity! Poultry line, cap. 11.000bph Including: Killing, slaughtering, eviscera...More
TransNational Agri Projects BV Meat processing unit, 500kg/day
Give your meat added value! Start making meat products. We can supply you the following set of e...More
Used La Parmentiere & MCM by-product handling machinery
Various by-product handling machines by La Parmentiere & MCM. 1. Intestines contents cleaner, La...More
Used Poultry line 2.500 BPH
We supply the complete line, consisting of only European high-quality equipment like Linco, S...More