Evisceration Fork (NEW)
Stainless steel evisceration fork with plastic handle. The eviscerating fork is used to scoop the...More
Pneumatic Neck and Feet Cutter (NEW)
For cutting off head and feet on poultry carcasses by one operator. Operating Pressure: 8 to 12 Bars | Air C...More
Bagging Horn (NEW)
This Bagging Horn is specially designed for packaging whole chickens in bags. Material: Stainless SteelMore
Poultry Lung Scraper (NEW)
Stainless steel poultry lung remover with plastic handle. This poultry lung remover will make the...More
Cut Up Cone (NEW)
A cut-up cone enables precise cutting while limiting losses. Allow you to debone all types of pou...More
Vent Cutter (NEW)
This Vent cutter is from the best quality. 11/5000 A ventcutter is to make a clean hole in the ...More
Lung Sucking pistol (NEW)
This Lung sucking pistol is from the best quality. The lung sucking pistol is perfect for t...More
Lung Sucking Pistol (NEW)
The lung sucking pistol is perfect for the removal of the lungs of the poultry.More
Vent Cutter (NEW)
A ventcutter is to make a clean hole in the cloaca of the chicken. With this hole the intestines ...More
All Small Accessories (*include knives or gloves, etc.) (NEW)
Hereby all the small poultry accessories. If you are interested in one of the thinks you see bel...More
Used Cutter Jarvis (USED)
This cutter can be used for various things; hock and neck cutter for poultry. Drive: Pneumatic | Operating P...More
Used Special Request
did not find what you were looking for? No worries! Request the product you are looking for here!...More
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