Mixed poultry rendering plant 4MT per shift (Different Capacities Available)
We can supply different capacities, according to your request. Pictures are from finished projec...More
Batch Cooker WCTS 10.000L
Rendering equipment! Capacity: 6 MT | Inner Shell: 30 MMMore
Rendering Plant 7MT per shift
Including: One Haarslev crusher One WCTS Batchcooker One Sprout-Matador hammermill Capacity: 7MT per shiftMore
Individual Batch Cookers
Batchcookers from 5MT up to 100MT per shift. Contact us for more information. We can supply Haars...More
Batch Cooker Haarslev HM 8500
Used Haarslev Batch Cooker HM8500 Capacity: 8.500LMore
Red Meat Rendering Plants
Cap. from 5MT up to 100MT Condition of the equipment: All equipment will come fully refurbishedMore
Heavy Duty Disc Drier heated surface 200m2 SS
It is constructed of all stainless steel contact parts with discs, 9mm thickness and inner shell,...More
Haarslev Blood drier
Tubular drier, heated surface : ± 40 m2 Can be used to dry : • Fish waste • Feather meal • Blood ...More
Mixed poultry rendering plant
One (1) mixed poultry rendering plant, cap. ± 4 tons per shift of 8 hrs. Bath cooker 4.000 liters...More