Used Paunch cleaner, La Parmentiere, 680P
This paunches cleaner from La Parmentiere is perfect for the procces of the Paunches of diversity...More
Used Overhead Conveyor Stork
Overhead Conveyor Line, Year of construction: 2003, brand: Stork, dimensions 1 shackle: 125 mm x...More
Used EFA Splitting saw, EFA, SB 287E
Condition: as new Splitting saw EFA SB 287 E (42 V) band saw for cutting cattle and pigs in half...More
Used Foodmate 7.50 Breast Cap Deboning
Breast cap deboning equipment Foodmate 7.50 for sale! The semi-automatic breast cap deboning mac...More
Used Grading unit, Marel, eight (8) stations
Marel grading unit - 8 stations If you're in the market for a high-quality grading unit for your...More
Refurbished Valoria DAF Unit, 45m3 per hour
Refurbished DAF (Dissolved air flotation) Unit for the removal of oil or solids out of wastewater...More
Refurbished Splitting saw, EFA | SB 295 EL
Splitting saw, EFA, SB 295EL (Refurbished) High performance band saw for cattle, horses, hogs an...More
Used but only had a test run Jarvis Dehider, JC
An air-powered dehider for skinning cattle, veal, hogs and sheep from the world famous brand Jarv...More
Used 2010 Freund K23-03 Circle saw
The Circular-Breaking-Saw can be perfectly used for general cutting purposes. For medium sized pl...More
Refurbished Pig Scalding-Dehairing Unit (REFURBISHED)
The entire Pig scalding-dehairing unit is made of stainless steel except for the roller which is ...More
Used Diesel tank, 5.000L
Storage tank with a capacity of +/- 5.000L. Dimensions:3 x 1.5 x 1.8 m (L x W x H) More informa...More
Used Conveyor belt, motorized
With a Conveyor belt, you can move the processed meat easily to another place. With any manpower ...More