Used Cryovac Rotary Vacuum packer
Rotary Vacuum packer. Used to pack complete birds airtight.More
Refurbished Dry plucker, Bayle
Perfect for plucking birds like pheasants, quails, duck or chicken. Motor drives the rotating di...More
Used Neck cutter
The Neck cutter is offered with one circular blade to automatically cut veins and arteries on one...More
Plucking fingers
Pluckerfingers for sale. Sold only in boxes of 500 pieces!More
Feed Mill Unit 1.000 kg per hour (NEW)
Consisting of: • Receiver of raw materials • Hammer mill, 11kW motor, with control panel and amp...More
Used Rotating Turn Table (Like NEW) (Lazy Susy)
Rotating turntable. This machine will help to stop accumulation of the meat. This way you have m...More
Used Scalding tank, Bayle (USED)
This Bayle scalding tank will put slaughtered birds in a tank of hot water to loosen the feathers...More
Used Turkey Hangers (USED)
These are our beatyfull stainless steal turkey hangers. They can be used for hanging the turkey a...More
Table Mounted Deboning Unit 900 Thighs Per Hour (NEW)
The deboner is used for trimming chicken thighs and shanks. It is made mostly from stainless, ac...More
Chicken Portion Cutter (NEW)
The chicken portion cutter can cut thigh meat tenders and filets. The chicken can be easily cut i...More
Used Injector , CFS, VLJ450
This Injector offers accurate injection with minimal return brine, maximum needle control that mi...More
Used Two (2) Scalding tank  Linco Capacity 6.000 bph (USED)
Condition: very well-maintained Stopped operating July 2019 Scalding bath (2x), three (3) passes...More
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