TransNational Agri is your supplier of new & used pig processing equipment. A large variety of Pig Processing equipment including complete slaughter lines, saws & cutters, bleeding systems, scalding and hair removal machinery and more.

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Refurbished Pig Scalding Dehairing Unit - Refurbished
This Pig scalding dehairing unit is completely refurbished and in perfect working condition. Upg...More
Stunning device with stunning tongue
Perfect for stunning pig and other animals before slaughter. - Electrodes optionally made of cop...More
Pork splitting cleaver (NEW)
This high-quality pork splitting axe / cleaver is perfect for splitting hog and pork carcasses. ...More
Used Electric Pig Prod
This pig equipment is commonly used to make pig or other livestock move by striking or poking the...More
Pig dehairing scraper with toe removal hook (NEW)
This pig scraper is perfect for removing hair after scalding and also has a toe removal hook.More
Used Stunning Tongue (Large) (USED)
Large stunning tongue that can be used for red meatMore
Used Stunning Tongue (Simple) (USED)
Simple stunning tongue that can be used for red meatMore
Used Pig Cutting Table ITEC (USED)
Semi-automatic coarse pig cutting table from German brand: ITEC is used for pig processing and pi...More