Calibrating Lines

Used Marel Batcher TBL M3000 Series
The Marel Batcher TBL M3000 is ideal for sizing and distributing raw material to different locati...More
Used Marel check bin grader system
• Hopper scale in every batch bin • Intelligent batching software – run on a M3000 main computer ...More

Chillers and Crate Washers

Used Spin Chillers (Stork)
A Spin chiller involves a prechilling step in which a counter current flow of cold water is used ...More
New Spin chiller
A spin chiller involves a prechilling step in which a counter current flow of cold water is used ...More
Used Airchiller L 300 m up to 1200m
An air chiller cools down the temperature of the carcasses. By using controlled flows of cool air...More

Evisceration Lines

Refurbished Vent cutter (Stork) VOC
Stork Poultry vent cutters have been designed for high capacity lines, ensuring the most effectiv...More
Used Linco cropper, 16 units
This is a cropper, Linco, 16 unitsMore

Grading Lines

Used Marel Batcher TBL M3000 Series
The Marel Batcher TBL M3000 is ideal for sizing and distributing raw material to different locati...More

Other Poultry Equipment

Table Mounted Deboning Unit 900 Thighs Per Hour
The deboner is used for trimming chicken thighs and shanks. It is made mostly from stainless, ac...More
Used Poultry Cone Line
The cone line is specifically designed to cut whole poultry products. It facilitates the operator...More
Used Rotating Table
Rotating table. Width: 153 cm | Height: 93 cmMore
Feed Mill Unit 1.000 kg per hour
Consisting of: • Receiver of raw materials • Hammer mill, 11kW motor, with control panel and amp...More
Used Thigh Deboner (BMF) Systemate D40
The Thigh Deboner can be used for every part of the poultry that has enough meat on the bone. The...More
Used Turkey Hangers
These are our beatyfull stainless steal turkey hangers. They can be used for hanging the turkey a...More
Used Injector Fomaco FMG 44/88
This Injector offers accurate injection with minimal return brine, maximum needle control that mi...More
Used Bayle scalding tank
This Bayle scalding tank will put slaughtered birds in a tank of hot water to loosen the feathers...More

Other Poultry Processing Equipment

Small Poultry Stunner
Small poultry stunner for the stunning of poultry. Abattoir equipment.More


Used Two (2) Linco Pluckers
Three (3) Linco pluckers for sale All will be refurbished and checked in our warehouse by our tec...More
Refurbished Linco Plucker (Fully Refurbished)
This linco poultry plucker is fully refurbished. Refurbished and checked in our warehouse by our ...More
Rotative Plucker
The plucker is a tub style mechanical poultry plucker with a stainless steel barrel which is line...More
Refurbished Contra-Rotating Plucker
The Contra-Rotating Plucker is used to remove feathers from poultry. Pluckers are able to accurat...More

Poultry Chains

Very low prices for poultry chains
Poultry chains for a very low price!!!More

Poultry Slaughter Lines

Refurbished Poultry Slaughter Line 500 bph
We supply the complete line, consisting of only European high-quality equipment like Linco, Stork...More
Poultry Slaughter Unit Batch Type, 500 Birds Per Hour
Consisting of: Two (2) bleeding units for eight (8) chickens, all SS One (1) scalding tank, bat...More
Refurbished Poultry line, Linco, capacity 3.000 bph
Consisting of: Complete overhead conveyor, Linco, length according to lay-out Consisting of : ...More
Used Poultry Slaughter Line 1.200 BPH
Consisting of: - Overhead conveyor line, T or Tube-track, 6 inch pitch, length according to lay-...More
Used Poultry slaughter line 2.000 bph with spin chiller and air chiller
For the people that dare to take fast decisions : We have for sale : Complete poultry line, cap...More
Refurbished Complete Poultry Abattoir 6.000 Bph
Consisting of: - Completely refurbished Slaughter line, Linco, 6.000 bph - live bird reception sy...More
Used Slaughter section, Linco Capacity: 5.000 bph
Year: 2001 Condition: very well-maintained ! Stopped operating July 2019 Consisting of : – Overhe...More
Starter Poultry Processing Line 120-150 bph
This poultry starter unit is perfect for the beginning of poultry slaughter. Including: - Bleedi...More

Small Slaughter Accessories

Pneumatic Neck and Feet Cutter
For cutting off head and feet on poultry carcasses by one operator.More
Bagging Horn
This Bagging Horn is specially designed for packaging whole chickens in bags.More
Evisceration Fork
Stainless steel evisceration fork with plastic handle. The eviscerating fork is used to scoop the...More
Poultry Lung Scraper
Stainless steel poultry lung remover with plastic handle. This poultry lung remover will make the...More
Vent Cutter
This Vent cutter is from the best quality. 11/5000 A ventcutter is to make a clean hole in the ...More
Lung Sucking pistol
This Lung sucking pistol is from the best quality. The lung sucking pistol is perfect for th...More
Lung Sucking Pistol
The lung sucking pistol is perfect for the removal of the lungs of the poultry.More
Vent Cutter
A ventcutter is to make a clean hole in the cloaca of the chicken. With this hole the intestines ...More
All Small Accessories (*include knives or gloves, etc.)
Hereby all the small poultry accessories. If you are interested in one of the thinks you see bel...More
Used Cutter Jarvis
This cutter can be used for various things; hock and neck cutter for poultry. Drive: Pneumatic | Operating P...More
Used Special Request
did not find what you were looking for? No worries! Request the product you are looking for here!...More
Used Cut Up Cone
A cut-up cone enables precise cutting while limiting losses. Allow you to debone all types of pou...More
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