Cattle Stunning Pistol (NEW)
This cattle stunning pistol Has been specifically designed to improve safety in use. Weight: 2,75 kg | Lengt...More
Used Splitting Saw Kentmaster BM5 SD
A high speed, powerful, and versatile beef and hog splitting saw especially designed for use by p...More
Used Splitting Saw Freund SB50-08
Splitter-Band-Saw for cattle and sows in industrial plants. Weight: 74,0 kg | Saw Blade Length: 3248 mmMore
Used Splitting Saw Jarvis Buster V (USED)
Globally used splitting saw, outstanding quality and easy to clean Drive: Electric | Motor Power: 3.3 hp / 2...More
Used Stunning Tongue (Simple) (USED)
Simple stunning tongue that can be used for red meatMore
Used Horn Cutter Kentmaster HCC-2 (USED)
This efficient, powerfull dehorner is able to cut horns fast without leaving nubbs. Capacity: 450 beef per h...More
Used Cutter Jarvis (USED)
This cutter can be used for various things; hock and neck cutter for poultry, but also for beef t...More
Used Breastbone Saw Kentmaster 153 (USED)
• Most powerful, high production beef brisket saw available with cleaveraction cutting motion. •...More
Used Electrical Stunning Device (Large) (USED)
Large stunning tongue that can be used for red meat Drive: Electric | Power: 220 V | Type: Sheep & PigMore
Used Hock and Horn Cutter Kentmaster Hydraulic HCC-III (USED)
- A powerful and fast scissor type hock cutter for high production plants. - Large 5 inch opening...More
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