Used Horn cutter EFA
Horn cutter, with : - Balancer - Hydraulic Unit - Control Box - Sterilizing UnitMore
Used Norman Platform
Three platforms ( Norman, France) in stock. Very nice and like new More equipment available by [...More
Refurbished EFA Cutter Z 079, hydraulic
Hydraulic hock cutter for hogs. This cutter is used to cut hocks and feet for sheep & pig. Brand...More
Refurbished Balancers for saws
A balancer helps when lifting heavy saws such as a splitting saw [Jarvis Buster VI](https://www.t...More
Refurbished EFA hydraulic cutter
Hydraulic hock cutter by the famous brand EFA. Used to cut hocks and feet for sheep & pig. Easy...More
Used 2003 EFA Z-10 D Breast bone shear, air operated
This equipment is perfect for cutting through the breastbones of pigs, sows, calves and sheep. Us...More
Refurbished Hock & Neckcutter, Jarvis, CPP (REFURBISHED)
The Jarvis Model CPP- Pneumatic powered hock and neckcutter for poultry, chicken turkey, goose, o...More
Used - Cutter
This compact cutter is perfect for cutting pieces off the carcasses. Used for front and hind bee...More
Euro Bin (trolley NEW)
Very useful Euro bins for your slaughterhouse. Dimensions: 76 x 74 x 70cm (L x W x H). Perfect f...More
Refurbished Splitting Saw, Ferrando (REFURBISHED)
This splitting saw is for splitting the carcasses of cows or other animals. We advise you to use ...More
Cattle Stunning Pistol (NEW)
This cattle stunner is perfect to stun cattle and other larger livestock such as horses, pig, goa...More
Long handle cleaver
This cattle splitting axe/cleaver is perfect for splitting beef and bulls. It can also be used on...More