Variety of used & refurbished cattle processing equipment; Splitting saws, horn cutters, stunners and more. For more information contact

Used Jarvis Splitting saw - Buster IX
This Jarvis Buster IX Carcass Splitting Band saw will come completely refurbished and tested in o...More
Refurbished Band saw, Mado, MKB 651
This band saw, Mado, MKB 651 is completely refurbished and tested in our warehouse by our technic...More
Used Horn Cutter, Jarvis w/a balancer & hydraulic unit
We have a perfect working Horn Cutter, Jarvis w/a balancer & hydraulic unit for SALE.More
Used Breast bone saw, Jarvis, MG-1B
A good working condition Breast bone saw, Jarvis, MG-1BMore
Used Breastbone saw, Jarvis, MG-1E
This electrically powered brisket saw is designed for beef and is in good working condition. Con...More
Refurbished Splitting saw, EFA, SB 287e
We have a refurbished Splitting saw, EFA, SB 287e for sale w/ a balancer, transformer and control...More
Used Jarvis Dehiding machines
We have five (5) dehiders, pneumatic, Jarvis, JC III for sale.More
Used Circular Breaking Saw, Freund
We have two (2) Circular Breaking saws, Freund, K18-01 for sale. Both are in perfect working cond...More
This Jarvis buster 5 will come completely refurbished.More
Used Horn cutter EFA
Horn cutter, with : - Balancer - Hydraulic Unit - Control Box - Sterilizing UnitMore
Used Norman Platform
Three platforms ( Norman, France) in stock. Very nice and like new More equipment available by [...More
Refurbished EFA Cutter Z 079, hydraulic
Hydraulic hock cutter for hogs. This cutter is used to cut hocks and feet for sheep & pig. Brand...More