Stunning Tongue
This stunning tongue is perfect for stunning pig before slaughter. - Electrodes optionally made ...More
Used JWE Baumann Stunning tongue
The pig stunner JWE Baumann. This stunner is perfect for stunning pigs, sheep, and goats. The fla...More
Electric pig prod
A pig prod is an electric handheld device to control pig or other livestock by poking them.More
Refurbished Jarvis Splitting saw - Buster VI
The splitting saw, Jarvis Buster VI. This large saw is perfect for splitting larger carcasses. Th...More
Stunning device with stunning tongue
Perfect for stunning pig and other animals before slaughter. - Electrodes optionally made of cop...More
Used Splitting saw, Ferrando SA 202M
This is a very handy splitting saw. With this splitting saw you can easily split carcasses of co...More
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