Slaughterhouses create loads of waste that can be converted to profitable by-products in many cases. TransNational offers machinery to process feet, paunches, horns, hides, and more into profitable products.

Machinery from famous brands such as La Parmentiere, Ollari & Conti and MCM are fully refurbished in our warehouse. New machinery is all from European Origin (CE) and can be made for various capacities. Paunches cleaners, refiners, feet dehairing, intestine cleaners and more available.

Take a look at our refurbished La Parmentières in stock, ready for transport

Look here for our current supply of new & used by-product handling machinery. Not what you are looking for? Get in touch.

Refurbished La Parmentiere 570P
This paunches cleaner from La Parmentiere, 670P will come completely refurbished and is perfect f...More
Used Pig Scalding Dehairing Unit - Haas
This Pig scalding dehairing unit is completely refurbished and in perfect working condition. Upg...More
The MCM GX8 is a high-quality machine that is used for the defatting of paunches. Alternative use...More
Used La Parmentiere & MCM by-product handling machinery
Various by-product handling machines by La Parmentiere & MCM. 1. Intestines contents cleaner, La...More
NEW Paunch Cleaner
This Paunch cleaner can gentle clean the rumen, pig, calf and sheep stomachs. This is perfect for...More
Used Peristaltic Pump (USED)
This pump is the ideal solution to pump liquids. The pump is designed to pump abrasive, highly co...More
Refurbished Pig Stomach Cleaner La Parmentiere 56 (REFURBISHED)
The purpose of the stomach cleaner is to wash, scald, and bleach the inside surface of the pork...More
Used White Offal belt Conveyor (USED)
This white offal belt conveyor allows you to easily transport your offal from the slaughter line ...More
Used Paunch cleaner, La Parmentiere, 680P
This paunches cleaner from La Parmentiere is perfect for the procces of the Paunches of diversity...More
Refurbished Paunch Refiner La Parmentiere 570RD (REFURBISHED)
This paunch Refiner from La Parmentiere is perfect for the proces of the Paunches of diversity li...More
Used Paunches Cleaner, La Parmentiere 670P with electric box (USED)
This paunches cleaner from La Parmentiere is perfect for the procces of the Paunches of diversity...More