TransNational has extensive experience with selling and installing NEW, USED & revised WWTP's (waste water treatment plants) for slaughterhouses. We can provide physical and chemical treatment plants, depending on your requirements.

Besides complete plants, TransNational also has Individual machinery such as rotary screens, static screens, and DAF-units (Dissolved Air Flotation).

Dissolved Air Flotation is a water treatment process that clarifies wastewaters by removing solids or oil from the surface. The DAF unit does this by dissolving air into the waste water under pressure. Small air bubbles attach to the particles and float upwards to the surface. At surface level, a scraper or skimming device will remove the particles from the water.

Dissolved air flotation is very widely used in treating industrial wastewater effluents.

TransNational offers (renewed) machinery from various famous brands such as Nijhuis, Marel, Redox and Valoria. On top of this, TransNational also offers new tailored projects together with her European partners.

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Refurbished DAF unit, Redox, 30m³/hr
DAF unit, Redox, 30m³/hr. Condition: Checked, cleaned and tested. Is in perfect working conditio...More
DAF Unit (NEW)
We can supply Different capacities. From 5 m3/hr till 100 m3/hr. Composed of: Tank Material SS...More
Used Complete Waste Water Treatment Plant (10m3) (USED)
Complete Wastewater Treatment Plant! Consisting of: – DAF-unit – Rotary screen – Recirculation...More
Refurbished Valoria DAF Unit, 45m3 per hour
Refurbished DAF (Dissolved air flotation) Unit for the removal of oil or solids out of wastewater...More