Conveyor belt

Used Conveyor belt, motorized
With a Conveyor belt, you can move the processed meat easily to another place. With any manpower ...More

Other Other Processing Equipment

Used but only had a test run Metal detector SESOTEC GLS-Genius 2020
With this equipment, you are able to detect metals within your cut-up meat. By running it throug...More

Small Slaughter Accessories

Electric pig prod
A pig prod is an electric handheld device to control pig or other livestock by poking them.More
Used Multi purpose trolley
This trolley can be used for multiple purposes such as hanging organs, meat or offals. The hanger...More
Used Air Chilling Trolley (USED)
These trolleys are perfect for cooling poultry in a room with cool air. Place the chickens on the...More
Small Red Meat Accessories (NEW)
Hereby all the small Red meat accessories. If you are interested in one of the thinks you see be...More
Used Lung Suction Gun (USED)
The lung sucking Gun is perfect for the removal of the lungs of the poultry.More
Used Double Lockers  (red & blue) (USED)
Double Lockers (Red and Blue). With these locker your staff can store there personal belongings s...More
Deboning Knife 13 cm (NEW)
The 13cm Deboning knife is razor-sharp. The knife cuts the meat to the bone. For as little meat w...More
Lung Scraper
For removal of the long from poultry. The scraper is long enough to reach the lungs and remove th...More
Butcher Knife 18 cm (NEW)
A butcher knife is made for slicing big pieces of meat into little pieces. Length: 18 cmMore
Used Single Lockers (Red) (USED)
Single Lockers (Red). With these locker your staff can store there personal belongings safely.More
Skimming Knife 16 cm (NEW)
With this butcher knife you can easily process your meat. A sharp knife helps. Length: 16 cmMore
Protection Gear
This protecting gloves protect the persons from cutting it's hand. When you process the meat by h...More
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