New, Used & Refurbished small equipment for meat processors. Equipment such as portion cutters, lockers, knives, electric prods, lung scraper, trolley, EURO containers and more for sale by TransNational Agri Projects.

Used Cooling Equipment
Complete cooling unit with a lot of evaporators, all NEW Air-cooled chiller Technical specs Co...More
Used Office equipment
Desks, chairs, computers, printers, cabinets and more office equipment available for a good price...More
Used Tools, spare parts & more!
Tools kits, power tools, fork lift, spare parts, consumables and so much more! All previously us...More
Sausage Clipper
Sturdy manual sausage clipper - Simple operation due to manual operation - With reinforced sprin...More
Used 2008 Wilden P4 Membrane pump
Membrane pump by Wilden. More information, specifications and prices? Get in touch now!More
Refurbished Email campaign requests
This listing is automatically created by our administrative systems. Please ignore this file/list...More
Used Conveyor belt, motorized
With a Conveyor belt, you can move the processed meat easily to another place. With any manpower ...More
Electric pig prod
A pig prod is an electric handheld device to control pig or other livestock by poking them.More
Used Multi purpose trolley
This trolley can be used for multiple purposes such as hanging organs, meat or offals. The hanger...More
Deboning Knife 13 cm (NEW)
This 13cm Deboning knife is razor-sharp that cuts the meat to the bone. This knife minimizes your...More
Used Air Chilling Trolley (USED)
These trolleys are perfect for cooling poultry in a room with cool air. Place the chickens on the...More
Lung Suction Gun
The lung sucking Gun is perfect for the removal of the lungs of the poultry.More