Thick Apron (NEW)
Thick water-resistant Apron made from PU. Color: White | Length: 120 x 100 cm | Material: PUMore

Boot Washer

Sole Cleaning Machine
Clean the soles of boots with our Sole Cleaning MachineMore
Boot Washer Stainless Steel (NEW)
Boot washer made of stainless steel for thoroughly washing boots to prevent the penetration of ba...More


Hygienic Boots (NEW)
Boots made from polyurethane with good and spacious fit. The boots are thermo-insulating: warm fe...More

Knife sterilizer

Knife Sterilizer (NEW)
Sterilize your knives with this Knife SterilizerMore

Wash Basins

Used Hand Wash Basin With Knife Sterilizer and Platform + soap dispenser (USED&TESTED)
Stainless Steel Hand Wash Basin with a knife sterilizer attached to it, including a soap dispense...More
Used Hand Wash Basin Stainless Steel (USED)
Stainless Steel Hand Wash BasinMore
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