Used Poultry Slaughter Line 1.200 BPH
Consisting of: - Overhead conveyor line, T or Tube-track, 6 inch pitch, length according to lay-...More
Used Poultry slaughter line 2.000 bph with spin chiller and air chiller
For the people that dare to take fast decisions : We have for sale : Complete poultry line, cap...More
Refurbished Complete Poultry Abattoir 6.000 Bph
Consisting of: - Completely refurbished Slaughter line, Linco, 6.000 bph - live bird reception sy...More
Used Slaughter section, Linco Capacity: 5.000 bph
Year: 2001 Condition: very well-maintained ! Stopped operating July 2019 Consisting of : – Overhe...More
Starter Poultry Processing Line 120-150 bph
This poultry starter unit is perfect for the beginning of poultry slaughter. Including: - Bleedi...More
Used Poultry Slaughter Line 3.000 bph
List of equipment: - Complete overhead conveyor,L± 120 m - Stunning bath with control box - Scald...More
Used Poultry Slaughter Line 500 bph
We supply the complete line, consisting of only European high-quality equipment like Linco, Stork...More
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