NEW & USED poultry processing equipment. Capacities from 120 birds per hour (bph) up to 8.000 bph complete with reception, scalding tank, pluckers, evisceration line & water and air chilling. Individual machines like pluckers, cut up lines, deboning tools and crate washers are also available.

TransNational Agri offers a great set of equipment that allows small-scale poultry farms to extend their operations and start a slaughterhouse. With our manual equipment you can easily process from 120 birds per hour up to 500 birds per hour.

Looking for larger, more automated machinery? TransNational offers fully automated as well as semi-automated lines with overhead conveyors ranging from capacities between 300 up to 13.000 birds per hour.

Used Overhead Conveyor Stork
Overhead Conveyor Line, Year of construction: 2003, brand: Stork, dimensions 1 shackle: 125 mm x...More
Used Foodmate 7.50 Breast Cap Deboning
Breast cap deboning equipment Foodmate 7.50 for sale! The semi-automatic breast cap deboning mac...More
Used Grading unit, Marel, eight (8) stations
Marel grading unit - 8 stations If you're in the market for a high-quality grading unit for your...More
Used but only had a test run 2017 Linco Poultry slaughterline - 12.700 bph
UNIQUE and ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY !!! Complete slaughter line w/ evisceration-line, Linc...More
Used Wing Portion cutter (USED)
This is a Marel Wing Portion Cutter, that separates the wings from the chicken. Wing cutter is c...More
Used Life Bird crate washer, 150 crates per hour
Use the Live bird crate washer to wash live bird crates. This crate washer will make your life m...More
Used Poultry Slaughter Line 2.000 bph with spin chiller and air chiller (USED)
We supply the complete line, consisting of only European high-quality equipment like Linco, S...More
Poultry Cone Line (used)
The cone line is specifically designed to cut whole poultry products. It facilitates the operator...More
Refurbished Vent Cutter Stork VOC24 (REFURBISHED)
Vent cutters have been designed for high capacity lines, ensuring the most effective removal of v...More
Refurbished Contra-Rotating Plucker (REFURBISHED)
The Contra-Rotating Plucker is used to remove feathers from poultry. Pluckers are able to accurat...More
Used Spin Chillers (Stork) (USED)
A Spin chiller involves a prechilling step in which a counter current flow of cold water is used ...More
Used Marel Batcher TBL M3000 Series (USED)
The Marel Batcher TBL M3000 is ideal for sizing and distributing raw material to different locati...More