Rotative Plucker Poultry 700 Birds Per Hour (NEW)

Rotative Plucker Poultry 700 Birds Per Hour (NEW)

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The plucker is a tub-style mechanical poultry plucker with a stainless steel barrel-lined rubber fingers, which rub against the poultry as the base of the barrel spins around and remove the feathers fast. Two different plucking fingers achieve optimal results to focus on small and big feathers.

Mist water system for faster processing & clean results.

This plucker has a capacity between 500 - 700 bph, depending on operator speed and scalding results.

The perfect machine for poultry feather removal!


Drum diameter800 mm
Capacity500 chickens per hour
Installed Power1.5 kW / 220V single phase
SpeedWith speed regulator
Dimensions80 x 80 x 97 cm