TransNational offers a wide range of high-quality new & used cattle equipment, complete cattle slaughter lines, overhead rails (bi-rail, tube rail, twin-track), hydraulic cattle platforms for splitting and dressing sections, ritual killing boxes, by-product handling machinery, splitting saws and cutters.

At TransNational Agri Projects we supply red meat machinery from European brands like Banss, Freund, Jarvis, La Parmentiere, Marel. Besides these well-known brands, we also supply brand new machinery manufactured together with our partners.

Asides from slaughter lines, TransNational Agri offers machinery to further process carcasses with efficient tools. Think of dehiding tools, organ belts, trolleys, cattle stunners and saws & cutters.

On top of the machinery, TransNational is able to provide lay-outs, installation and training for adequate use of the machinery.

Look at our website for our current supply or contact us with your project specifications.

Used Complete Sheep slaughter line, capacity 100 heads per hour.
1. Sheep line, AVS, 120sheep per hour Consisting of : · Restrainer · Stunning device · Recept...More