Refurbished Splitting Saw, Ferrando (REFURBISHED)
This is an very handy splitting saw. This splitting saw is for splitting the carcasses of cows o...More
Cattle Stunning Pistol (NEW)
This cattle stunning pistol Has been specifically designed to improve safety in use. Weight: 2,75 kg | Lengt...More
Used Splitting Saw Kentmaster BM5 SD
A high speed, powerful, and versatile beef and hog splitting saw especially designed for use by p...More
Used Splitting Saw Freund SB50-08
Splitter-Band-Saw for cattle and sows in industrial plants. Weight: 74,0 kg | Saw Blade Length: 3248 mmMore
Used Splitting Saw Jarvis Buster V (USED)
Globally used splitting saw, outstanding quality and easy to clean Drive: Electric | Motor Power: 3.3 hp / 2...More
Used Cutter, Jarvis, CPE (REFURBISHED)
This cutter can be used for various things; hock and neck cutter for poultry, but also for beef ...More
Used Stunning Tongue (Simple) (USED)
Simple stunning tongue that can be used for red meatMore
Used Horn Cutter Kentmaster HCC-2 (USED)
This efficient, powerfull dehorner is able to cut horns fast without leaving nubbs. Capacity: 450 beef per h...More
Used Electrical Stunning Device (Large) (USED)
Large stunning tongue that can be used for red meat Drive: Electric | Power: 220 V | Type: Sheep & PigMore
Used Hock and Horn Cutter Kentmaster Hydraulic HCC-III (USED)
- A powerful and fast scissor type hock cutter for high production plants. - Large 5 inch opening...More
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