Band saw, Mado, MKB 651

Band saw, Mado, MKB 651

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This band saw, Mado, MKB 651 is completely refurbished and tested in our warehouse by our technicians.

This band saw is suitable for cutting different types of meat into smaller pieces.

Some technical information below:

Voltage 400V

Current 3.6A

Frequency 50Hz

Power consumption 1.5 kW

Fuse max. 16 A slow max.

Speed 1400 rpm

Cutting speed 22.4 m/sec.

Saw band dimensions 2430x16x0.45 mm

Max. cutting width 280 mm

Max. cutting height 340 mm

Table depth in front of the belt 320 mm

Table width to the left of the belt 325 mm

Table size B = 605 mm B = 640 mm

D = 775mm

Footprint B = 770 mm B = 800 mm

D = 820mm D = 1150mm

Machine height 1700 mm

Machine width 770 mm

Machine depth 820 mm

Wheel ∅ 300 mm

Weight approx. 170 kg


ModelMKB 651
Serial Number23-058