Vent Cutter (NEW)

Vent Cutter (NEW)

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This Vent cutter is from the best quality.


A ventcutter is to make a clean hole in the cloaca of the chicken. With this hole the intestens can be removes more easily.

Machine Complete includes: Regulaor-filter, lubricator, Air/ Water/ Vacuum assemly, Accessory Package & Tool Balancer.

  • Continuous Cleaning - removes waste and cleans while cutting
  • Reduces contamination
  • Removes rosebud completely
  • Non-clogging system
  • One trigger - Helps reduce carpal tunnel (tendonitis)
  • no Overhead valve system
  • Fast - reduces processing cost


Operating Pressure60 - 90 PSI
Air Consumption4 CFM
Vacuum Requirments14 to 18" Vacuum
Free Air Flow (for vacuum)7 CFM
Capacity1200 Birds Per Hours
Control handleTrigger
Blade diameter7/8 to 1 3/4 i.d
Blade Length2"
Overall Length11"
Weight3 1/2 lbs, Machine Complete 15 lbs