Refurbished Poultry line, 300bph
a set of poultry slaughter equipment (is a mix of mainly NEW with some RENEWED equipment) to comp...More
Poultry Lung Scraper (NEW)
Stainless steel poultry lung remover with plastic handle. This poultry lung remover will make the...More
Pneumatic Neck and Feet Cutter (NEW)
This pneumatic neck and feet cutter is a perfect tool to cut off the neck and feet of poultry car...More
Starter Poultry Processing Line 120-150 bph (NEW)
Do you want to start slaughtering poultry? Then this poultry starter unit is perfect for you! Fee...More
Rotative Plucker Poultry 1.000 Birds Per Hour (150 Turkeys Per Hour) (NEW)
The drum picker is made of stainless, acid-resistant materials. Appropriate drum size, number of ...More
Cattle Stunning Pistol (NEW)
This cattle stunner is perfect to stun cattle and other larger livestock such as horses, pig, goa...More
Various Pig Abattoir (NEW & USED)
At TransNational we can make various pig slaughter lines with capacities between 15 and 200 pig p...More
Packing Horn (NEW)
This Packing Horn is specially designed for packaging whole chickens in bags. Material: Stainless SteelMore
Refurbished Poultry Slaughter Line 500 bph (REFURBISHED)
We supply the complete line, consisting of only European high-quality equipment like Linco, Stork...More
Evisceration Fork (NEW)
Stainless steel evisceration fork with plastic handle. The eviscerating fork is used to scoop the...More