Poultry line, 300bph (REFURBISHED)

Poultry line, 300bph (REFURBISHED)

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a set of poultry slaughter equipment (is a mix of mainly NEW with some RENEWED equipment) to complete a slaughter line with a capacity of 300 bph

Consist of: 

1.   Overhead conveyor line, T or Tube-track, 6 inch pitch, length according to lay-out

2.   Roller conveyor, L ± 3m, for easy handling and emptying of the life bird crates

3.   Dry stunner (NEW)

4.   Bleeding trough, SS (for ± 2,5 minutes bleeding)

5.   Scalding tank, one (1) pass, effective scalding length to do ± 300bph at 60°C. Propeller-type agitation. Electrically heated (20 kW)

6.   Temperature control system for the scalder (NEW).

7.   Automatic plucker, contra-rotating type. Adjustable in two (2) ways. Four (4) motors, each 1,5 kW.

8.   Evisceration trough, SS, L ± 3m, with taps for washing hands

9.   Supporting structure, SS (profiles 60 x 60mm)

10. Main control panel (NEW)

11. Engineering and test run


ModelPoultry line, 300bph