Paunches Cleaner - La Parmentiere 670p

No longer available

Paunches Cleaner - La Parmentiere 670p


This Paunches cleaner is in a perfect working condition.

Type: 670p

Ready for transport!

We also have other by-product handling equipment, ask us for the complete list.

Various by-product handling machines by La Parmentiere & MCM.

1.      Intestines contents cleaner, La Parmentiere, EQ100

2.       La Parmentiere, Paunches cleaner

3.       MCM GX8, Paunches refiner

4.       La Parmentiere, Jaw remover

5.       Pig chitterling splitter FC-120, Large intestine splitter

6.       La Parmentiere, Intestine splitter

7.       Termet, Beef, Large intestine cleaning

8.       Pig Stomach washer ( La Parmentiere)

9.   Snout cleaner (La Parmentiere)

More equipment available by Transnational Agri Projects on request.

Complete abattoir(s) and all necessary tools available.


ManufacturerLa Parmentiere