Used Jarvis Splitting saw - Buster VI
The splitting saw, Jarvis Buster VI. This large saw is perfect for splitting larger carcasses. Th...More
Stunning Tongue
This stunning tongue is perfect for stunning pig before slaughter. - Electrodes optionally made ...More
Used JWE Baumann Stunning tongue
The pig stunner JWE Baumann. This stunner is perfect for stunning pigs, sheep, and goats. The fla...More
Electric pig prod
A pig prod is an electric handheld device to control pig or other livestock by poking them.More
Stunning device with stunning tongue
Perfect for stunning pig and other animals before slaughter. - Electrodes optionally made of cop...More
Used Splitting saw, Ferrando SA 202M
This is a very handy splitting saw. With this splitting saw you can easily split carcasses of co...More
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