Used Neck cutter
The Neck cutter is offered with one circular blade to automatically cut veins and arteries on one...More
Refurbished Complete Poultry LINCO Abattoir 6.000 Bph (REFURBISHED)
Consisting of: - Completely refurbished Slaughter line, Linco, 6.000 bph - live bird reception sy...More
Used Evisceration Line Linco, 7.000 bph (USED)
The evisceration process requires a lot of manual labour. Automatic evisceration results in cost ...More
Refurbished Linco Pluckers Three (3) row (USED)
This Linco plucker (3 rows) is refurbished and checked by our technicians and is in perfect worki...More
Refurbished Plucker, Linco, two (2) OR three (3) rows (REFURBISHED)
This Linco poultry plucker is fully refurbished. Refurbished and checked in our warehouse by our ...More
Used Two (2) Scalding tank  Linco Capacity 3.000 bph (USED)
Condition: very well-maintained Stopped operating in July 2019. Scalding bath (2x), three (3) pa...More