Used EFA Splitting saw, EFA, SB 287E
Condition: as new Splitting saw EFA SB 287 E (42 V) band saw for cutting cattle and pigs in half...More
Refurbished Splitting saw, EFA, SB 287E
Compact band saw-for hogs and cattle;for small and medium sized plants. - Cold water cooling and...More
Used Horn cutter EFA
Horn cutter, with : - Balancer - Hydraulic Unit - Control Box - Sterilizing UnitMore
Refurbished EFA Cutter Z 079, hydraulic
Hydraulic hock cutter for hogs. This cutter is used to cut hocks and feet for sheep & pig. Brand...More
Refurbished EFA SB 292 E
Splitting saw, EFA, SB 292 E (Refurbished) High-performance band saw for cattle, horses, hogs an...More
Refurbished EFA hydraulic cutter
Hydraulic hock cutter by the famous brand EFA. Used to cut hocks and feet for sheep & pig. Easy...More
Used Efa, SB 320 E (Just like a Jarvis Splitting saw - Buster V)
This large saw is perfect for splitting large carcasses. The flat surfaced housing & accessible d...More
Used 2003 EFA Z-10 D Breast bone shear, air operated
This equipment is perfect for cutting through the breastbones of pigs, sows, calves and sheep. Us...More
Used EFA Z-12 Hydraulic cutter
This hydraulic cutter can be used to cut horns and legs with high closing pressure for cattle; fo...More