Pig Abattoir, 60 Pigs Per Hour (REFURBISHED)

Pig Abattoir, 60 Pigs Per Hour (REFURBISHED)

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Pig Abattoir, 60 Pigs Per Hour

We can supply you this pig abattoir according to the lay-out attached. Consisting of mainly refurbished high quality European machinery.

consisting of : 

  • Drive way 
  • Pneumatic stunning box (1x) 
  • Stunning tongues w/ control box (1x) 
  • Bleeding elevator (1x) 
  • Bleeding trough with roller conveyor at the start, SS (1x) 
  • Brush washer, three (3) brushes (1x)  
  • Automatic unloader for scalding tub (1x)  
  • Scalding tub (thermal oil) (1x)  
  • Dehairing unit (1x) 
  • Gambrelling or hooking table (1x) 
  • Elevator (1x) 
  • Dressing conveyor (1x) 
  • Three-side whip cleaner set (1x) 
  • Gas flamer, manual (1x) 
  • The hood above the burn set (1x)  
  • Dressing platform, complete with organ belt conveyor 
  • Weighing unit 
  • Rails in all cold rooms 
  • Trolleys for offal 
  • Trolleys for organs 
  • Bleeding shackles 
  • Hooks (and their trolleys) 
  • Electric control panel  
  • Splitting saw, EFA 
  • Extra tools on the floor in cold room 
  • Weighing unit at expedition 
  • All hygienic equipment 
  • Complete technical data (digital) 


Also included : 

  • Warm water production 
  • Cooling equipment (compressors set w/ condenser (on roof) and evaporators (in cold rooms) 

This list has no legal validity and all machines are subject to remain unsold. 


Capacity60 Pigs Per Hour