Poultry Slaughter Line 1.000 BPH

Poultry Slaughter Line 1.000 BPH

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We supply the complete line, consisting of only European high-quality equipment like Linco, Stork, Meyn etc. and according to availability.

Consisting of:

  1. Overhead conveyor line, T or Tube-track, 6 inch pitch, length according to lay-out (lay-out is coming)
  2. Water bath stunner with control panel
  3. Bleeding trough, SS, w/ total effective bleeding length 9m
  4. Scalding bath, Bayle, three (3) passes, effective scalding length ± 10 m. Agitation by three (3) propellers, each driven by a motor, 5,5 kW. The tub is insulated. With temperature control and command panel.
  5. Automatic plucker, Linco, finisher type, two (2) rows on each side, each row with twenty two (22) discs. Adjustable by hydraulic unit. Eight (8) motors, each 2,2 kW.
  6. Head puller, SS
  7. Evisceration trough, SS, L 5m, double passage
  8. Hock cutter, Linco (or similar quality)
  9. Automatic hock unloader
  10. Hooks washer, Linco (or similar quality)
  11. Spin chiller, Stork, SS, L 8m, dia. 1,65m
  12. Blower, 4 kW (2x)
  13. Supporting structure for the overhead conveyor
  14. Main control panel

Can also include:

  1. Set of necessary and suitable accessories (all NEW)
  2. Cooling
  3. Supervision and Training


ManufacturerLinco, Stork or Meyn
Capacity 1.000 BPH