All Small Accessories (*include knives or gloves, etc.) (NEW)

All Small Accessories (*include knives or gloves, etc.) (NEW)

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This listing includes some of the small poultry processing accessories for sale by Transnational Agri Projects.

If you are interested in an item from the list below or one of the pictures, get in touch with us! We are happy to provide you with all the details and prices.

Hygienic + Safety equipment.

  • Boot washer, SS
  • Hand wash basin, SS
  • Knives, sterilizer, SS
  • Apron
  • Protection glove, SS
  • Pair of boots (food industry)
  • Protective apron, SS

Slaughter Accessories & Tools

  • Vent cutting knife, 18 cm
  • Evisceration fork
  • Neck cutter, manual
  • Neck cutter, spare parts
  • Lung scraper
  • Sharpening Steel / Whetstone
  • Deboning knife, semi-flex, 13 cm
  • Deboning knife, semi-flex, 15 cm
  • Pneumatic neck & feet cutter

  • Table with integrated cutting board
  • Trolley for air chiller/freezer, Alu, 200 chicken
  • Trolley for air chilling (used)
  • Cut up cone
  • Packing horn
  • Bag sealer, tape
  • Box with seal tape (141 rolls)
  • Chicken portion cutter
  • Table, SS with nylon plate
  • Plucker fingers (9 CM) per box of 600
  • Various other plucking fingers available
  • Poultry stunner
  • Chicken portion cutter

Second Hand

  • Lockers (50 x 60 x 180)
  • Trolley, SS, (used, as new)
  • Trolley for EURO container

And many more useful tools for your processing plant! Are you missing any items? Check out our full stock at or ask us for the possibilities.