Cattle Slaughter Line, 50 hpd (USED)

Cattle Slaughter Line, 50 hpd (USED)

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Complete cattle abattoir available for a good price!

The equipment is a mixture of renewed and new equipment.


• Killing box

• Bleeding hoist

• Bleeding shackle (2x)

• Dressing conveyor with guides for the slaughter slat

• Burry

• Slaughter slat

• Hooks (50x)

• Leg spreader

• Conveyor in cold room (for 25 carcasses)

• Convoyor for quartering (cutting the half carcasses in two : one for quarter and one back quarter)

• Quartering hoist

• Deboning table

• Conveyor for expedition

• Supporting structure for all conveyors (consisting of IPE 200, 180 et 160) Attention : included are also the columns to support the structure.

• Sandwich panels for the cold room

• Isothermic door for the cold room

• Complete cooling system for the cold room, cap. 15 kW, adapted to Uganda climate Max 10 heads per hour . Can be visited in the Netherlands. ( Can also be used for small ruminants)

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Capacity50 Heads per day