Poultry line, Linco, capacity 3.000 bph (REFURBISHED)

Poultry line, Linco, capacity 3.000 bph (REFURBISHED)

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We supply the complete line, consisting of only European high-quality equipment like Linco, Stork, Meyn etc. and according to availability.

Consisting of:

Complete overhead conveyor, Linco, length according to lay-out

Consisting of :

●    Galvanized chain (NEW)

●    overhead Tube-track

●    synthetic trolleys with nylon wheels with bearing

●    shackles, SS, Linco at a shackle distance of 6" (152 mm)

●    intermediate chain, SS

Also including :

●    drive (2x) with VLT

●    horizontal bends 90° (according to lay-out of the line)

●    tensioning unit 180° (according to lay-out of the line)

Stunning bath, Linco, including its control box, BA4

This unit is constructed in heavy synthetic material. The water basin is mounted on height adjustable stainless steel support.

The stunner comes with its control panel (both voltage and frequency controlled).

Bleeding trough, SS (NEW)                                                                  

Rectangular shaped, all SS, with outlet nozzle for blood pump connection. On feet.

Calculated for 2,5 minutes for effective bleeding length. Three (3) passes.

Scalding tank, Linco, jacuzzi type

All stainless steel. With hood and removable side doors.

Effective scalding length ± 12 meter (three (3) passes).

Agitation by blower, 2 x 4 kW.

Plucker, Linco, 22 discs per row

Stainless steel housing

Complete with two (2) plucking rows on each side. Each row is equipped with twenty two (22) discs.

Plucker is hydraulically adjustable

Motors                        8 x 2,2 kW

Head puller, SS (NEW)

All stainless steel

Evisceration trough, SS, (NEW) with taps for hand cleaning                            

Length          6m

Hock cutter, Linco

Complete in stainless steel with one (1) electrical motor.

The machine is adjustable in height.

Motor            1,1 kW.

Hock (feet) un-loader, Linco

Structure with double belt and stainless steel un-loader. Driven by the overhead conveyor.

Chain and shackles washer, Linco                                        

All stainless steel housing.

Including two (2) rotating, drum type brushes.

Motor 2 x 0,75kW

General control panel (NEW)

With :

·        Urgency stop

·        Contactors for above mentioned equipment

·        Indicators for on/off for above mentioned equipment

·        Variable speed control for overhead conveyor

Supporting structure for slaughter and evisceration section

Can be sold with a Spin Chiller section and Air Chilling section


Capacity3.000 bph