2011 Gizzard peeling table

No longer available

2011 Gizzard peeling table


The gizzard cleaner is designed for peeling the horny skin off internal gizzard walls.


Design and operation:

The gizzard cleaner is made of stainless, acid-resistant materials. Drive from the motor is transmitted by gears directly to toothed working rollers. Opened gizzards are manually placed on the rollers, where the horny skin is peeled thanks to appropriate toothing and rotational speed. The most effective solution is to use the cleaner in combination with the gizzard washer and cleaner. Proper defatting and removal of gastric contents allow for achieving high capacity and proper quality of processed gizzards. Such combination is also essential for the durability of the machine – particularly of the working rollers. 


ManufacturerGizzard peeling table
Capacity+/- 1200 pieces per hour