Cattle slaughter line, Norman (30/h)

No longer available

Cattle slaughter line, Norman (30/h)


Unique opportunity for a complete Cattle (30/h) abattoir.

Set of equipment for a red meat abattoir, 30 cattle/hour including:

  1. Lairage
  2. Killing section including Facomia killing box
  3. Bleeding section
  4. Killing section
  5. Dehiding section
  6. Gutting
  7. Splitting section
  8. Final control
  9. Cold room rails with pneumatic switches
  10. Paunches cleaner, refiner
  11. Hoof remover
  12. Feet dehairing

Available as a package or individual equipment

(main brands : Norman and La Parmentiere)

Other well-known brands like Jarvis, MCM, EFA, Facomia, Termet & more.

and a huge set of useful accessories available on request.

Contact us for the full equipment list & possibilities.


ModelComplete Cattle & Lamb slaughterhouse
Brands:La Parmentiere, Norman, Jarvis, MCM, EFA, Facomia, Termet
Rail type:Bi rail