Starting a slaughterhouse normally requires high investment costs, so you as a poultry farmer with a nice farm house full with mature broiler chickens are obliged to sell to the larger, existing slaughter houses or sell them on the life market. This means that you lose the added value of processing the chickens yourself.

Now, TransNational Agri Projects b.v, is specialized in supplying and setting up smaller poultry slaughter units all over Africa. We have the perfect solution to grow your business:

Start your own processing unit (120 bph or 500 bph), no high investment cost, but high European quality, technical assistance from the start of your project.

We can make you a perfect offer for a starter’s unit with all the necessary equipment including scalding, plucker, all necessary accessories and simple cooling system.

Start developing your packed dressed chicken (fresh or frozen), create your first small market, even if it is small in the beginning. With the sales profit you can slowly expand your business!

Interested in our ideas how to develop your own small slaughter company, with the support of a reputable Dutch company, contact us or even better:

Visit us at the Poultry Africa Exhibition in Kigali ( Rwanda) from 5 to 6th October 2022.