Giving machinery a second life

That is how TransNational Agri Projects B.V. has been making its contribution to a more sustainable world for over 25 years now.

Overconsumption, Consumption culture, depletion of resources, climate impact and many other words have been dominating the headlines of newspapers for the last decade.

Both consumer goods as well as capital goods are disposed when replaced as they are no longer needed. At TransNational Agri Projects we believe in high-quality products that with some attention and refurbishments are perfectly able to serve another round at a new home.

By having a strong pre-selection of equipment and buying high-quality European brands, we can ensure the best machinery that is fit for several more years of service.

Thanks to our strong network we are able to purchase and repair machinery for a fair price, especially compared to new equipment.

Last Friday we have shipped a DAF unit and rotary screen to their new home in the United Kingdom. Equipped with a fresh paint job, a fully refurbished pump and several new parts, the machines hit the road and should have arrived at their new home by now.

The wastewater treatment equipment has been fully refurbished in our warehouse and is perfectly suitable for another round with this new company!

Are you curious about what else we have to offer? Take a look at our website for more refurbished equipment and more.