The experiences vary from each customer, with the results ending satisfactory for all parties. Transnational Agri Projects B.V. fulfils the needs regarding the slaughter industry as far as possible. Delivering high-quality products is a must and therefore, all equipment is of European quality, checked in our warehouse and our prefered material is Stainless Steel to ensure a longer lifespan of our equipment. To get familiar with our equipment and services, examples of our realised projects are shown with pictures.

The company's operation process

It starts with a price and information request which is also called an inquiry. The requests are analysed and the offers are adapted on the customer needs. A quotation will be sent together with the terms and conditions often. If the inquiry lacks information such as contact address or phone number, the (prospective) customer will receive a request to fill in the lacking information in order to finalize the first step.

As we have equipment with varying capacities and uses, we always try to find out as much as possible on the customers' needs and wishes.

For instance, one of our equipment is the 6.000 birds per hour (bph) poultry Abbatoir. This slaughterhouse equipment is frequently asked for. With a capacity of 48.000 chickens per day, it exceeds the limits and budgets of (small) slaughterhouses. Because of this reason, we work narrowly together with our customers to find the appropriate equipment and the right capacity.

If a full installation of a functional poultry line is needed, including cattle, lamb, sheep or pig, we would be glad to guide our customers through the project process, from the beginning till the end. Turn-key projects are possible. Please, have a look at some of our pictures from our current realised projects.

To conclude, our high qualitative equipment will be sent with a reliable transporter to fulfil our customer's needs.

With our extensive expertise and eye on customer needs, all parties always end up satisfied!