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Transnational Agri Projects B.V. sells NEW and USED high-quality processing equipment for poultry, pig, cattle and sheep all over the world.

The second-hand slaughtering/processing equipment for poultry, cattle and pig is originally from world-known European manufacturers like: Stork, Meyn, Linco, Haarslev, Krupp, Nijhuis, La Parmentière, Marel and so many more. Transnational Agri Projects B.V. believes that with our high quality processing equipment, our services and know-how, we can make a major contribution to the success and fast development of your slaughter projects. Working together with “One of the biggest supplier of used slaughter /processing equipment “ will benefit you.

The General terms and conditions issued by Koninklijke Metaalunie apply to all our operations.

New Arrivals



Please contact us if the equipment you are looking for is not on our website. With our broad network of clients and manufacturers we can help you look for equipment elsewhere, even if we do not have it in stock.

Please let us know what kind of new or used slaughtering equipment you are looking for. Contact us by mail on info@transnationalagri.nl or call our office on +31 613 697212.

For more technical information please contact our General Manager Kristof Deprez directly on +31 651 287634.

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