Realised Products

Hereby all our realised products that we have finished over the years:

Under Construction!

The trip that is made by you and many others is for everyone different. But the ending is always the same. A happy costumer!

Here at Transnational we want to help you as good as possible. But we can say we are the best, but the best way to prove is to give some examples. This way you can read some of our realised/ finished projects.

Before we go any further to the realised projects we want to tell you our process form a request till the delivered goods.

The Process.

First of all, we take good care of you request. Our team is ready to read your request, find in our system what we can offer you and then we are looking for the best offer. Sometime if we get a request were we don’t know the answer off or we can’t get an offer for we will contact you in the way you want.

For example, we have a beautiful 6.000 bph poultry abbatoir. Some of you want that kind of slaughter house. But we think with you. This abbatoir means you need 48.000 chickens per day. Not everyone has that amount. So we will help you to give you the best offer possible. Mostly we mail or call you back for the question how many broilers you have at the moment and how much you think to expand. With this information we get from you, we will look for the perfect fitting offer for you.

If we look at the installation of a fully functional poultry line (This can also be Cattle, Lamb, Sheep or pig), we help you with the whole project. From the place where you want to begin until the draft of how every equipment can be placed best. Look at one of our room lay-out of an earlier project:

At last, we are looking for the best and cheapest exporter so the equipment will be delivered to you safe.

So in short, we begin with your request. We look for the best fitting offer. We help you set-up your business if you want. And export the goods.


Uganda 1.200 bph Poultry line.

This fully functional 1.200 poultry line was made from scratch. We got a request from someone (because of the dutch law we can't say the name of the person or companie), who was asking for an poultry line. We provide him with the best offer possible and he was very happy about it. We can keep talking about it, but pictures say more than words.