Paunch Cleaner La Parmentiere 470P (USED)


Paunch Cleaner La Parmentiere 470P (USED)


This paunch cleaning machine is designed to wash, scald, and bleach the inside surface of beef paunches, calf and sheep paunches, pork stomachs, rennets and also cattle. 

Cattle Capacity

16 Kg paunches = 14 paunches per hour

12 Kg paunches = 21 paunches per hour

8 Kg paunches = 28 paunches per hour

Pig Capacity

0,7 Kg stomachs = 500 stomachs per hour

Sheep-Calve Capacity

1 kg paunches = 280 paunches per hour


ManufacturerLa Parmentiere
Stock Number20-129
CapacityCheck the description for detailed capacity
year of contruction3/94
Dimensions1200mm x 1000mm x 1300mm