DAF Unit 60 m3/hr

DAF Unit 60 m3/hr

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Pictures show a 15 m3/hr, the 60 m3/hr will be bigger!

Composed of:


Material                                          SS (AISI 304)

Dimensions                                    7,5 x 2 x 2m (L x W x H)

Water inlet                                      DN-125, lacquered aluminum

Water outlet                                    DN-125, lacquered aluminum

Flotation outlet                                DN-1256, lacquered aluminum

Decantation outlet                          DN-100, lacquered aluminium

Recirculation pump

Motor                                               3 kW

Operating pressure                         5,5-6 bar

Flow                                                 8 m3/hr

Voltage                                            380V

Frequency                                       60Hz

Adjustment                                      manual

Material                                            SS (AISI 304)

Pipings and valves

Material                                            PVC


Motor                                                0,18 kW

Voltage                                            380V

Frequency                                       60Hz

Materials                                          SS (AISI 304) and synthetic material

Number of scrapers                        eight (8)

Saturation and pressurisation tank

Material                                             SS (AISI 304)

Equipped with                                 valves to regulate the inlet to the injectors

                                                          Air release valve


                                                          Pressure switch


Flow rate60 m3/hr
Retention time> 30 min
Floating area15 m2
Overall dimensions8,2 x 2,2 x 2,3m (L x W x H)