La Parmentiere 770p Feet Dehairing

La Parmentiere 770p Feet Dehairing

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With this by-product handling machinery, you can turn your waste/side products into a profitable product.

The scalding – and hair–removing machine type 770P are used for calf, cattle and sheep feet and heads, and for the cleaning and removal of hair from whole piglets.


The hair-removing machine allows complete processing of calf feet and whole piglet in a single operation.


-1. When processing sheep feet, and after hair-removal in the hair removing machine the feet should be processed in a refiner for perfect finishing.

-2. Cattle feet should, after the hair removal in the scalder be placed on a table and singed by means of a butane-gas blow Torch.To obtain a perfect white finish it is recommended to return the feet for a short while (1 to 1 ½ minutes) to the hair-remover for washing.


ManufacturerLa Parmentiere
Model770p Feet Dehairing
Stock Number21-082
Capacity Cattle feet (2.5kg)400 per hour
Capacity Calf feet (1.2 kg)875 per hour
Capacity Piglets (8-15kg)60 - 100 per hour
Capacity Sheep feet (0.25 kg)1800 - 3600 per hour