Jarvis MG-1E Electric Brisket saw

Jarvis MG-1E Electric Brisket saw

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The Jarvis Model MG-1E is an electrically powered brisket saw for cattle / beef.

The brisket saw Jarvis MG-1. 

This compact saw is perfect for cutting through all briskets fast and easy. The flat surfaced housing & robust construction allow fast and thorough cleaning. The tactically placed handles allow comfortable operation. Its compact size allows easy handling for the operator. Minimal maintenance due to the oil bath lubricated drive. Meets international requirements for hygiene and safety.

With this powerful, high-performance saw you will cut beef briskets quickly and easily within 3 seconds.

The saw is small and maneuverable for optimum handling.

The brisket saw has been serviced & tested in our warehouse.

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ModelMG-1E Electric Brisket saw
Stock Number21-031
Weight30 kg