Partners and Agents

Over the years we have established partnerships with different companies and agents. Our agents are located in Africa, Europe and Asia. We believe that partnerships and agents result in mutual advantages for both parties.

Dr. Thomas Kaudia

Dr. Thomas Kaudia is TransNational Agri Projects technical consultant/Agent in East-Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania)

Dr. Thomas Kaudia is also one of the five champions of the African Poultry Network and a member of the steering committee. Besides this, the Kenyan is the Chairman of the APN and is the owner of the company Special Foods.

  • Dr. Thomas Kaudia
  • 428-00606 Sarit Nairobi
  • Winrock International (Partnership for Safe Poultry in Kenya).
  • Box 60745 – 00200
  • Nairobi

Prodivet Congo

PRODIVET CONGO (Promotion and Distribution of Veterinary Products in Congo) imports and distributes a complete range of medicines and veterinary products developed for intensive breeding by large European laboratories. Our expertise in animal health is practiced in the areas of prevention and treatment of animal diseases in the intensive breeding of poultry, pigs and cattle through close collaboration with the laboratory of Kinshasa.


Freshlink Projects and Agro-Resources Limited is a private Limited liability company established under the company laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. They are a Poultry Resource company involved in Agency and Consultancy Services, Contract growing and distribution of poultry products and equipment.

We are committed to providing complete agribusiness solutions across the Nigerian Poultry space, through the provision of top-notch technical and consultancy services, and distribution of high-quality poultry and livestock products and equipment.


I GROW CHICKEN is management software for poultry farmers. Designed for mobile first, it provides all functionality a professional farmer requires to reduce mortality, improve feed conversion (FCR) and increase yield.

By collecting and analysing your data the software suggests improvement areas to help attain better results. Information is used as the starting point for continuously improving the business thereby earning more and securing continuity. Operational and financial reports are included which give you a clear picture of how the business is doing and where it can potentially improve.


The Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC) is the leading network organization promoting business between the Netherlands and Africa. Established in 1946 by a number of Dutch companies with commercial interests in Africa, NABC has grown into a network with more than 400 members comprising a mix of both Dutch and African companies, knowledge institutions, NGOs and authorities.

NABC is the coordinator of the Dutch Africa Poultry Platform, a membership based platform for all Dutch stakeholders with an interest in the African poultry sector. By means of regular meetings and information exchange, the platform is a tool to enable Dutch companies to cooperatively explore the African sector and jointly promote the Dutch poultry sector in Africa.

Jobnet Africa

JobnetAfrica is the name of the most reliable site for international and diaspora professionals that are looking for careers in Africa. Their platform is available for anyone looking to live and work in Africa, has done this before or still does. The international or expat jobs they offer are realistic and actually do exist. Their goal is to link reliable employers with the best candidates available, to create careers in Africa.

Aeres International

Aeres is a versatile research institution in the green sector, from primary agriculture to engineering and styling & design, intensive farming to biodynamic agriculture; city of greenery and ornamental plants in the greenhouse to nature and more. Aeres provides regular education (TVET, Bachelor and master), applied research and innovation and commercial (learning) activities for individuals and businesses.
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