Refurbished EFA SB 292 E
Splitting saw, EFA, SB 292 E (Refurbished) High-performance band saw for cattle, horses, hogs an...More
Used La Parmentiere & Norman Complete Cattle & Lamb slaughterhouse
Unique opportunity for a complete Cattle (30/h) & Lamb(300/h) abattoir. Set of equipment for a r...More
Used Tools, spare parts & more!
Tools kits, power tools, fork lift, spare parts, consumables and so much more! All previously us...More
Used Hygienic equipment from abattoir; Sinks, boot washers and more!
List of used hygienic equipment from a processing plant such as boot washers, hand wash basins, k...More
Used La Parmentiere & MCM by-product handling machinery
Various by-product handling machines by La Parmentiere & MCM. 1. La Parmentiere, EQ100, INTESTIN...More
Used Office equipment
Desks, chairs, computers, printers, cabinets and more office equipment available for a good price...More
Used 2008 Wilden P4 Membrane pump
Membrane pump by Wilden. More information, specifications and prices? Get in touch now!More
Refurbished Rotary screen, 200m³ per hour
Large rotary screen with a capacity of 200m³ per hour. Pictures are taken before refurbishments ...More
Used Norman Pig Slaughter line, 140 pigs per hour
Set of equipment for pig processing for a very good price. Including: Bleeding elevator, bleedin...More
Refurbished Splitting saw, EFA | SB 295 EL
Splitting saw, EFA, SB 295EL (Refurbished) High performance band saw for cattle, horses, hogs an...More
Refurbished Valoria DAF Unit, 45m3 per hour
Refurbished DAF (Dissolved air flotation) Unit for the removal of oil or solids out of wastewater...More
Refurbished Jarvis Splitting saw - Buster V
This large saw is perfect for splitting large carcasses. The flat surfaced housing & accessible d...More
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